Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rainbow CupCakes

First of all I LoOoOoVe Rainbows, and cupcakes are so much fun! So why not mix them together? :) Well I did, and the results were AmAzInG!, I remember a while back I saw on an article this delicious mini cupcakes that were all kinds of flavor, and the one that popped to my eyes was the tye dye...
So in the spirit of Halloween we can try to bake this delicious cupcakes, I didn't use any from scratch recipe, just because I was so excited and in a hurry to make them after school so I can bring them to the office the next day :) so I just used a box of Betty Crocker Super moist Yellow cake and instead of water I used buttermilk to make them extra creamy and add a tart flavor to them.
So first I followed the instructions on the box to mix (just substituting the water for buttermilk)
Once I was done I split the batter in 5 different bowls.
Then using food colring I dyed them Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple like this:

Since I don't have a mini cupcake mold, I just put the little cupcake papers in my brownie bites mold and you start putting the different colors of the dough... I don't like them all to be the same so for some of them I started with purple at the bottom, then blue, then green, then yellow, then red, and as I was moving down the line I'll switch the colors :) but you don't have to... 

 This is what the looked like once they're baked :)

 And then I just bought some white vanilla frosting and colorful sprinkles..
 The funnest part was when people at work were eating it and they discovered they were Rainbow...Not to mention how my little 'Brothers' LoOoVeD them and they think I am the bestest ever! =)
Well I think I will have to bake more of these for my halloween party... and just have some scary decoration in them...
Until next time... I have to go get decorations and all the finishing stuff for my Halloween Party next week =) I will post pictures of all my creations

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