Tuesday, November 2, 2010

HaLLoWeeN PaRtY!!

Ok, so I really get into the spirit of things all the time... and this Halloween was no exception... I decided I would throw a Halloween Party and have some of my friends over... it was a success... I think =) But of course I had way too much food... maybe one day I will figure out the calculations for the food... but like Martin says: "Better have too much than not enough".
I was up by 7 to start cooking, cleaning and decorating -  I had plenty good ideas, but unfortunately not everything worked out like I planned... I ran out of time, but everything worked out.
I didn't really put a lot of time in my costume, but it still came out cool. I was a hippie... and Martin's costume was a very last minute one, since our plan crumbled when we were on the making... but you will only be able to tell now because I told you =)

My menu was some tumbstone tuna sandwiches, mozarella eyeballs, spooky salsa and guacalamole, deviled eggs, queso, meringue bones, spooky cupcakes, and spooky shaped tortilla chips =)

 we also had spider webs and spiders scattered all around the house. It was so much fun, and I really wanted to share it =)
Now I gotta go back to sucky homework... but I will come back this week
Until next time...

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