Sunday, October 17, 2010

HaLLowEen Extravaganza!

Halloween is in my top 3 Holidays of the year... #1 is Christmas no doubt! but all I need is an excuse to have a party and celebrate! and what better than Halloween!!!
Being a follower of Favecrafts on Facebook, I came across with their newest Halloween e-books and I got the greatest Ideas for my Halloween party... Most projects are SUPER easy, and so much fun! you can do them by yourselves, but there's a couple that the kids can help you and have a great time doing it...
The best part  is that as a crafter I already have most of the materials at home, so you won't end up spending a lot of money on this super cute crafts...
Some of my favorites include the Haunted Ghost Globes-super easy and so cute!!, the Bloody Candle ( I am already making it for my party next weekend, is going to look awesome) and last but not least the Pirate pumpkin! don't get me wrong I love Carving out pumpkins... but having one carved and a couple painted just seems even better... especially since it is a lot faster to paint than to carve :)
There's plenty other projects that are so cute, but this ones go perfect with my party Theme!
Well this weekend was a long shopping weekend, but I think I finally got everything I need for my halloween party... I will be posting pictures of the menu =) I am so excited to make all kinds of gross looking delicious food!
Now I just wanted to write a couple lines so this week wouldn't go by without me posting, since my commitment was to do at least 1 post/week... I think I have been good so far :)
Next post I will share the start of my xmas project of making a bazillion aprons for my beautiful family =)

Until Next Time Blogging world :)

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