Sunday, October 3, 2010

One For One... My Own TOMS :)

So I have been wanting to get TOMS for many reasons... #1 is the cause they represent... I think is a great thing that when you buy a pair of TOMS they give a pair to a child in need... but I just couldn't decide which color I wanted, because I needed to get a pair that I could match with EVERYTHING! So after taking a look at all their styles I found what I thought it was perfect... Glitter TOMS!! Soo my style... but when I went and try them on... They definitely didn't quite scream my name... there was something about them that wasn't just quite right... so I decided To Make My Own! =) and I went out and bought me a pair of White Canvas Toms
And I painted them!! Yes... Just everything that came to my mind with Tulip Fabric Paints ... And then I put Glitter all over them. At the beginning I wanted to put colored glitter on the but I decided that the best idea to put just clear glitter on them
But Then I realize they still needed more color... so I decided to put color glitter on top of every color paint... that was a pain in the butt... because even after I let the shoes dry they were still a bit sticky because of the glitter bond I put all over to have the clear glitter adhere to them... so I had to apply more glitter bond with a little brush and sprinkle little by little... but that was hard... because if the glitter spread then it was hard to get it off... but finally... after many hours of precision and patience... This is what I accomplished :)

And This, is my one for one story =) and how I made my own TOMS with a personal Touch and Rock them everywhere I go! I get all kinds of looks all the time, and people complement them all the time. =)

Until next time Blogging World... I hope you like my creation =)

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