Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meet Glory!!

Ever since I made my first dress... -and had trouble fitting in since I wasn't very familiar with all the sewing terms in the pattern :) - I have been wanting to get a seamstress dressform... but they are not cheap. I even looked up a couple tutorials of making one myself, but by the time I bought the materials I was out anywhere from $30 and up... which is really not bad, but I kept my hopes up for a craigslist deal!! and sure enough, I found this beauty there; The lady that was selling it was really nice and agreed to sell it to me for $50!!! instead of the $75 she was originally asking for... so right there it's a score already, and now I can model my Christmas projects on it!!
She told me that she used to call her Glory, and she's had her for a long time, so I decided I had to stick with the name, and I wanted to share her with you!! =)
Isn't she Beautiful?? you should see her dressed up!

She is the greatest Model!! =) and So cheap!
So anyways that's my story... now that I can have her try stuff on before I make the final stitches I expect my clothing to fit me =)
I have a couple projects in my back pocket that I can't wait to do... Thank Goodness this will be a long weekend... I can plan for my projects and review the new Halloween E-books from Favecrafts!!
Until Next time...

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  1. ijole presentamela!!! ;) jeje. Oye y luego que?? se puede ajustar a medida o como?