Tuesday, November 2, 2010

HaLLoWeeN PaRtY!!

Ok, so I really get into the spirit of things all the time... and this Halloween was no exception... I decided I would throw a Halloween Party and have some of my friends over... it was a success... I think =) But of course I had way too much food... maybe one day I will figure out the calculations for the food... but like Martin says: "Better have too much than not enough".
I was up by 7 to start cooking, cleaning and decorating -  I had plenty good ideas, but unfortunately not everything worked out like I planned... I ran out of time, but everything worked out.
I didn't really put a lot of time in my costume, but it still came out cool. I was a hippie... and Martin's costume was a very last minute one, since our plan crumbled when we were on the making... but you will only be able to tell now because I told you =)

My menu was some tumbstone tuna sandwiches, mozarella eyeballs, spooky salsa and guacalamole, deviled eggs, queso, meringue bones, spooky cupcakes, and spooky shaped tortilla chips =)

 we also had spider webs and spiders scattered all around the house. It was so much fun, and I really wanted to share it =)
Now I gotta go back to sucky homework... but I will come back this week
Until next time...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rainbow CupCakes

First of all I LoOoOoVe Rainbows, and cupcakes are so much fun! So why not mix them together? :) Well I did, and the results were AmAzInG!, I remember a while back I saw on an article this delicious mini cupcakes that were all kinds of flavor, and the one that popped to my eyes was the tye dye...
So in the spirit of Halloween we can try to bake this delicious cupcakes, I didn't use any from scratch recipe, just because I was so excited and in a hurry to make them after school so I can bring them to the office the next day :) so I just used a box of Betty Crocker Super moist Yellow cake and instead of water I used buttermilk to make them extra creamy and add a tart flavor to them.
So first I followed the instructions on the box to mix (just substituting the water for buttermilk)
Once I was done I split the batter in 5 different bowls.
Then using food colring I dyed them Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple like this:

Since I don't have a mini cupcake mold, I just put the little cupcake papers in my brownie bites mold and you start putting the different colors of the dough... I don't like them all to be the same so for some of them I started with purple at the bottom, then blue, then green, then yellow, then red, and as I was moving down the line I'll switch the colors :) but you don't have to... 

 This is what the looked like once they're baked :)

 And then I just bought some white vanilla frosting and colorful sprinkles..
 The funnest part was when people at work were eating it and they discovered they were Rainbow...Not to mention how my little 'Brothers' LoOoVeD them and they think I am the bestest ever! =)
Well I think I will have to bake more of these for my halloween party... and just have some scary decoration in them...
Until next time... I have to go get decorations and all the finishing stuff for my Halloween Party next week =) I will post pictures of all my creations

Sunday, October 17, 2010

HaLLowEen Extravaganza!

Halloween is in my top 3 Holidays of the year... #1 is Christmas no doubt! but all I need is an excuse to have a party and celebrate! and what better than Halloween!!!
Being a follower of Favecrafts on Facebook, I came across with their newest Halloween e-books and I got the greatest Ideas for my Halloween party... Most projects are SUPER easy, and so much fun! you can do them by yourselves, but there's a couple that the kids can help you and have a great time doing it...
The best part  is that as a crafter I already have most of the materials at home, so you won't end up spending a lot of money on this super cute crafts...
Some of my favorites include the Haunted Ghost Globes-super easy and so cute!!, the Bloody Candle ( I am already making it for my party next weekend, is going to look awesome) and last but not least the Pirate pumpkin! don't get me wrong I love Carving out pumpkins... but having one carved and a couple painted just seems even better... especially since it is a lot faster to paint than to carve :)
There's plenty other projects that are so cute, but this ones go perfect with my party Theme!
Well this weekend was a long shopping weekend, but I think I finally got everything I need for my halloween party... I will be posting pictures of the menu =) I am so excited to make all kinds of gross looking delicious food!
Now I just wanted to write a couple lines so this week wouldn't go by without me posting, since my commitment was to do at least 1 post/week... I think I have been good so far :)
Next post I will share the start of my xmas project of making a bazillion aprons for my beautiful family =)

Until Next Time Blogging world :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meet Glory!!

Ever since I made my first dress... -and had trouble fitting in since I wasn't very familiar with all the sewing terms in the pattern :) - I have been wanting to get a seamstress dressform... but they are not cheap. I even looked up a couple tutorials of making one myself, but by the time I bought the materials I was out anywhere from $30 and up... which is really not bad, but I kept my hopes up for a craigslist deal!! and sure enough, I found this beauty there; The lady that was selling it was really nice and agreed to sell it to me for $50!!! instead of the $75 she was originally asking for... so right there it's a score already, and now I can model my Christmas projects on it!!
She told me that she used to call her Glory, and she's had her for a long time, so I decided I had to stick with the name, and I wanted to share her with you!! =)
Isn't she Beautiful?? you should see her dressed up!

She is the greatest Model!! =) and So cheap!
So anyways that's my story... now that I can have her try stuff on before I make the final stitches I expect my clothing to fit me =)
I have a couple projects in my back pocket that I can't wait to do... Thank Goodness this will be a long weekend... I can plan for my projects and review the new Halloween E-books from Favecrafts!!
Until Next time...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

One For One... My Own TOMS :)

So I have been wanting to get TOMS for many reasons... #1 is the cause they represent... I think is a great thing that when you buy a pair of TOMS they give a pair to a child in need... but I just couldn't decide which color I wanted, because I needed to get a pair that I could match with EVERYTHING! So after taking a look at all their styles I found what I thought it was perfect... Glitter TOMS!! Soo my style... but when I went and try them on... They definitely didn't quite scream my name... there was something about them that wasn't just quite right... so I decided To Make My Own! =) and I went out and bought me a pair of White Canvas Toms
And I painted them!! Yes... Just everything that came to my mind with Tulip Fabric Paints ... And then I put Glitter all over them. At the beginning I wanted to put colored glitter on the but I decided that the best idea to put just clear glitter on them
But Then I realize they still needed more color... so I decided to put color glitter on top of every color paint... that was a pain in the butt... because even after I let the shoes dry they were still a bit sticky because of the glitter bond I put all over to have the clear glitter adhere to them... so I had to apply more glitter bond with a little brush and sprinkle little by little... but that was hard... because if the glitter spread then it was hard to get it off... but finally... after many hours of precision and patience... This is what I accomplished :)

And This, is my one for one story =) and how I made my own TOMS with a personal Touch and Rock them everywhere I go! I get all kinds of looks all the time, and people complement them all the time. =)

Until next time Blogging World... I hope you like my creation =)

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Beginning...

So, I created my blog about a month ago... if not more... but I haven't have time to blog... really??  I don't know how many people create a blog and then abandon it... but that would be me... I didn't mean to just walk out on it... but there was just too much going on in my life at that time, I couldn't piece a couple thoughts together... With school starting, my timing couldn't be more impecable :) -sorry if you could pick a bit of sarcasm there... it's my first time in this rodeo :)...
So... I will try to post something at least weekly, if I can do it more often that would be awesome but I won't commit :) Baby steps...
I am excited to become part of the blogging world... but this is it for tonight... I gotta piece my thoughts together so I can show off the first couple trinkets that I made...Until next time blogging world...